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The kit is easy and includes drill bits and every thing had a need to hook it up. I happened to be only a little sketched about drilling into the MAF housing but AFR is spot on and also the other end associated with the tube is sealed so no MAF air leaks. Shawn also makes this mod for other superchargers and even other make cars.

I'm having an issue with noise. Particularly, supercharger-like whine(that modifications with RPM and in addition gets louder when I crank the fan) coming from the front tweeters. It is really not an presssing problem with power(unplug the RCA's and it goes away). It is apparently not an issue using the RCA's either as when I unplug the front component speakers, the trunk coaxials never whine. However, if I plug a corner RCA's into the front presenter inputs regarding the amp and vice versa, the front still whines but a corner does not. Also, the noise stays despite having the RCA's running totally oustide for the vehicle. A suspicion is had by me that my speaker cable going through the crossover towards the tweeters can be picking right up the noise but i am unsure. That wire is NVX speaker wire but it is not even remotely close to the power wire. If you have any tips what may be causeing this to be noise plus some remedies please lend a few terms of wisdom when I've been fighting with this thing for the 12 months to no avail. *Note, your head product has already been grounded to chassis. Don't execute a thing. Thanks!

EDIT: i've currently tried an noise that is in-line on the energy cables and a ground cycle isolator regarding the RCA's to no avail. Talked to an audio pro and he encouraged me that since the whining went away after I unplugged the RCA's, the noise had been somewhere at the RCA cables or mind product. But, if this would function as the situation, wouldn't I have sound within the rear speakers too? I am befuddled.
To learn about their explanation and anchor, check out the site her latest blog.
Weighing in at around 825 kilograms, or about 1820 pounds, the 1.4-liter engine, making 310 horsepower at 8,000 RPM, is enough to get Naumann's small Polo that is front-wheel-drive scooting like the piglet wanting to escape its death via tickling, and its own power-to-weight ratio clocks in at around 341 hp per ton, or exactly like that of a Nissan GT-R.

YouTube channel HillClimb Monsters uploaded, with the authorization associated with the owner associated with the video that is original a highlight reel of a number of Naumann's supercharged Group H VW Polo screeching up a hill at a conference in 2015, also it makes many of us during the Drive consider happening a crusade against turbocharging, just so we can hear more whining like this (though some of The War Zone's articles elicit this kind of effect from many Facebook commenters.)

Regrettably, the uploader of the video clip states that Naumann is in poor health, and fighting for his life. With regard to Naumann, and his magnificent Polo, we wish he survives to race again. Individuals and their custom-engineered cars do not deserve become so cruelly parted. Godspeed, Herr Naumann.

I've fabricated some brackets and fixed an AMR500 supercharger to side that is cold of MX5. Made the throttled volume tiny, and started using it in a nice package that is tight. Have a bypass employed by 100% boost dump at idle, progressively closing around half throttle.